insurance capital of the world

Connecticut is known for being the insurance capital of the world. However, experts are claiming that this city is kind of risky to be the great insurance giant of America. For example, the great and well-known insurance company Aetna decided to move its offices to New York. Now, everything is moving to the big apple and, in just a few years, the insurance center will not be Connecticut anymore.

In fact, everything is slowly moving to New York, experts say. Of course, there is a lot of stuff in other cities. However, the epicenter of everything in the Big Apple. What’s the deal with New York, some could say. However, this big city is holding almost all of the important stuff of America. And, in fact, if it’s not in New York, then it doesn’t exist.  So, regarding insurance, to be at the epicenter of the world is a very attractive idea. Also, the environment of the stock market and the different companies which are located there makes it a great place to have an office. 

So, what will happen to Connecticut? We do not know. We do know that New York is the world’s capital as it is including all of the other capitals within it.