insurance capital of the world

Connecticut is known for being the insurance capital of the world. However, experts are claiming that this city is kind of risky to be the great insurance giant of America. For example, the great and well-known insurance company Aetna decided to move its offices to New York. Now, everything is moving to the big apple and, in just a few years, the insurance center will not be Connecticut anymore.

In fact, everything is slowly moving to New York, experts say. Of course, there is a lot of stuff in other cities. However, the epicenter of everything in the Big Apple. What’s the deal with New York, some could say. However, this big city is holding almost all of the important stuff of America. And, in fact, if it’s not in New York, then it doesn’t exist.  So, regarding insurance, to be at the epicenter of the world is a very attractive idea. Also, the environment of the stock market and the different companies which are located there makes it a great place to have an office. 

So, what will happen to Connecticut? We do not know. We do know that New York is the world’s capital as it is including all of the other capitals within it. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

This crazy world in which we live never seems to stop. Technology is developing at an amazing race and today it is unthinkable to live without technology. Just the thought of not having a Smartphone can make some people go crazy. And yes, it is true that new technologies have helped us in so many ways and has made our lives much more simple. However, it has also disconnected us from reality. Some say, that technology takes away from us the possibility of practicing abilities that make us feel useful. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology ? Let’s dig deeper on this subject:

Technology has made our life simpler, that’s true. However, it also does things for us that we could do ourselves. Also, with new technology, social media has appeared and it has changed the way we relate to each other. Long gone are the days in which people had to approach a person in order to build a friendship. Today, people chat with each other. This is not bad. But it is slowly taking away our ability to interact with others face to face.

However, technology itself is not a problem. The problem is the way we use it. Just make sure to use wisely. 

Piratebay Database Maintenance

Some say that the famous file-sharing site, The Pirate Bay, doesn’t really care about the fact of being taken down. The websites’ administrator claim that in fact, this is good because it will help them to take a break from work and to refresh and perform the Piratebay database maintenance . They also promise that if they return to the Internet scene, they will do it amazingly.

PirateBay was taken down by the Police of Sweden. The administrators were not at all surprised by the raid and they are not worried about putting the site to work again. They say that they know these raids are just a part of this job. The administrator uses “Mr 10100100000” as a pseudonym to avoid unwanted situations.  

They say that they are also curious to know how their users will react. So far, they say, they haven’t seen any public reactions to the situation.  They really do think that marches and online protests should be done by its users since it will help nations to understand the importance of free data within these Internet days. 

Entrepreneurial Business Plan: Worth It?

An entrepreneurial business plan is a formal statement of business goals that companies need to follow in order to achieve their objectives, improve their performance and grow. The plan sometimes contains background information of the company and organizational schedules. The plan may be oriented to customer, taxes, expansion, branding and it may change at any time adjusting itself at the company activity.

Some experts as Steve Blank, states that Business plans do not always work, as leading a business is not only about making plans for the future, it means taking action and adapting to the different needs trying to innovate by doing, by trial and error tests, by making mistakes and not necessarily by writing dreams in a piece of paper. Being organized is good, but it only works if you are already taking action.

Blank is responsible of the B-School where he teaches the next generation of Mark Zuckerberg, and he states that business plans are not suitable for those new ventures that are yet to come. Researchers and experiments are the foundations of the new business. In order to make a business plans, future entrepreneurs must understand their specific customer needs, dare to new challenges and do not fear to make mistakes and learn from them.